Why OUR Shows Work

Great Facilities

The Richmond Raceway Complex is the largest and most successful exhibition facility in the market. In addition to being the home of NASCAR’s Richmond International Raceway it is home to many of the biggest and best shows including the XL102 Chili Cook Off, Richmond Camping-RV Show, Carolina Craftsmen’s craft shows, Bazaar Bazaar, etc.   The easily accessible location and acres of free parking make it a favorite for consumers and exhibitors alike.

The Meadow Event Park in Doswell, Virginia, is rich in history.  Thoroughbred racing legend Secretariat was born here in 1970.  Three years later he blazed his way into Triple Crown history.  Since then, The Meadow has transformed from a family farm to a multi-purpose venue that is home to the State Fair of Virginia and other notable events.   The 331-acre property allows abundant on-site free parking.

Low Cost

Compare other forms of advertising:


Forms of Advertising Description Average Cost
TV 2- 30 second spots on Channel 12- 6pm news $900
Radio 5- 60 second radio spots during morning drive time $925
Print 1- 2 column x 4″ ad in Sunday Richmond Times Dispatch $920
Our Shows 2-3 full days of face to face contact with qualified customers $700-$900

Outstanding Advertising

As the old saying goes “you have to spend money to make money”. This has never been truer than in relation to producing a successful consumer show and has always been the motto of Royal Productions. You could have the biggest and best show in the world but if people don’t know about it you will not attract the consumer you’re trying to reach.  Like some small businesses many show producers try to skimp on advertising. In the short run they may save a few dollars …. in the long run they will fail. Our proven formula includes spending substantial amounts of money on: TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail, Internet/Web, and E-mail Marketing.  Over the past three shows Royal Productions has spent nearly $200,000 in cash on advertising.  Here is an example of how and where we market our shows:

  • Television Commercials: 1,500 commercials on the area’s best local stations, including WWBT, WTVE, WRIC, WRLR, and Comcast.
  • Radio Commercials: 1,400 radio advertisements on the area’s leading stations including,: Oldies 107.3, K95, Lite 98, Rock 96.5, 103.7 The River, Hot 100.9, and 1140/WRVA
  • Print Advertising: Over 1,000 column inches in the Richmnd Times Dispatch alone.  In addition to our paid schedule, we received approximately $50,000 in additional exposure through sponsorships and promotions with the Richmond Times Dispatch.  We also advertised in publications including Richmond Magazine, Boomer Magazine, Caroline Progress, Freelance Star, Progress Index, and others.
  • Direct Mail: Our ads appeared in direct mail pieces which reached more than 200,000 affluent homeowners in the Richmond area through RSVP and Richmond Home & Living Magazine.
  • Internet/Web: Thousands of unique users visit our website to find out details about our shows, download discount coupons, and sign up for our newsletters.  We also have banner ads on popular websites including: Lite 98, WRIC, WTVR, WRVA-AM 1140, and the timesdispatch.com.
  • E-mail Marketing: We have thousands of e-mail addresses of previous attendees in our database who receive updated show information, discounted tickets, and surveys for all of our shows through our e-mail marketing campaigns.

Professional Service

Over the past 40 years Royal Productions has earned a solid reputation for offering fair and honest service. When we produce an event it is not a “one time shot”.  We produce events for the “long haul”. That means we need to treat our customers right year after year.  Our most important asset is our reputation.  It’s been built over years and years of outstanding, personal customer service and it’s your assurance that you will benefit from our mutual efforts.

Our Exhibitor Seminar is another example of our commitment to our customers’ success.  We spend time, effort, energy, and money to ensure our exhibitors make the most of their investment in our shows.  Also, we are always available to give ideas, input, or feedback on exhibiting in our shows.

Attendee Demographics

  • 80% aged: 35-64
  • 75% household income above: $75,000
  • 75% will make a major purchase in the next 6 months
  • Top exhibits looked for: Landscapers, Lawn & Garden Equipment, Decks/Screened Porches, Cabinets/Countertops, Windows/Doors, Flooring/Carpet, Storage Buildings, Appliances, Pools/Spas, and Furniture
  • 97% are homeowners


Why Shows Work

Face to Face

There is no better way to sell than face to face. Period. Traditional advertising methods are great for reaching large numbers of prospective customers but ultimately it’s up to the consumer to take action. They still have to pick up the phone, visit your place of business, or contact you as a response to your advertising. The internet has certainly changed the way people shop. It has given buyers tools to find and compare companies in minutes in the comfort of their own homes. But they still can’t touch or feel products. And most importantly there are always questions.  Exhibitors at our events have the opportunity to address these questions.   Think about the billions of dollars automobile manufacturers and dealers spend each year on advertising: radio, television, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, internet, and yet it all still comes down to one thing…their desire to get you into the dealership to sit down face-to-face with a salesperson.

Really Being Able to Sell

Wouldn’t it be great to advertise your products or services and have people call or email you to place orders?  Sure, that happens sometimes but it’s not how most companies do business. Most people need to have details, information, and have questions answered before they make a decision to buy, especially in today’s tough economic times.  That’s why an exhibit at the Richmond Home Show puts your product and service directly in front of potential customers.   Most salespeople know they have to work extra hard to actually SELL a potential new customer. They need to be in a position to convince potential customers why they should buy your product, why it’s better than what your competitors offer, why it’s worth the money, and why they should buy NOW. The ability to overcome objections is paramount to selling any product. A good salesperson must be able to READ a potential customer’s reaction, expressions and body language in order to close a sale. If all products sold themselves there wouldn’t be any salespeople  -  just order takers.

Qualified Prospects

Suppose you charged potential customers a fee just to find out more about your product or service?  What if you charged them $8.00 to visit your office or showroom just for the privilege of being able to buy from you?  You probably wouldn’t have too many takers. But the few people who would pay for that privilege would be highly qualified.  Strangely enough, that’s exactly what happens every year at the Richmond Home Show, the Virginia Home Show, and the Richmond Home and Garden Show. People pay for the right to see what they can, in most cases, see for free. So why do they pay?   Primarily  because  of  CONVENIENCE.  In  today’s busy world people don’t have  time to drive from business to business or to set multiple appointments with different salespeople in their homes. It’s also about SAFETY. Many people are uncomfortable inviting strangers into their homes without first meeting them face to face.